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Big Sky's Insider Newsletter, December Edition

It's finally the most wonderful time of the year (even if the weather has been more appropriate for eating a frosty than building one)! As we close down 2015 and look forward to welcoming the new year, we leave you with some hand-picked articles and resources on the topic of process improvement. There's a theme here: optimizing your operations doesn't have to be overwhelming. With a little strategy and determination, small efforts can lead to significant changes. 

You CAN Do It: 1% Improvements with Big Payoffs
Learn how a cycling coach helped his team win the Tour de France and dominate the Olympics through the "aggregation of marginal gains" - finding ways to improve every area related to cycling by just 1%. Consider this concept for everything from business to parenting, just in time for the new year!

George Costanza, Risk Management Expert
This video from the The American Society for Quality compiles some hilarious clips from popular TV shows, including Seinfeld, The Office, and 30 Rock that poke fun at the supposedly mystifying world of process improvement and quality.

A Simple Approach to Process Improvement That Works Every Time
Not sure if process improvement efforts can help your organization? This Big Sky blog post provides step-by-step guidance to using a universal approach to improve the speed, quality, and cost of your outputs, regardless of industry or type of organization. 

To Radically Redesign Healthcare, Start with One Unit
This Harvard Business Review article profiles a health care system's successful effots to pilot process improvements to improve patient outcomes, cut waiting time, and create better workflows for employees. The tactics outlined can be applied to any organization with multiple sites.

Keep It Simple, Sweetie!
Does the word "methodology" give you the heebie-jeebies? In this article, GovExec offers six key recommendations to help your organization define how you will execute process improvement efforts to achieve success without the typical accompanying complexity.

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P.S. The 12 Days of Christmas in a process map. Thank you, internet!

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